Improvement Points In Fighting Games: Fist OF The North Star (Ken’s Rage-PS3)

April 3rd, 2011

There are so many fighting games these days that you can almost never tell which the best ones are and which are the mediocre ones unless you play. It is often a challenge for game enthusiasts to really get their hands on games that really make their day.


For avid Street Fighter fans, Fist of the North: Ken’s Rage (PS3) should be one of the most coveted fighting games ever made. But like some other game designs, it still has areas of improvement that really have to be dealt with. Read on and find out!


a. Unclear story delivery

In fighting games, you have to really get engrossed in the storyline to get a clear picture of what is really happening. This also gives the players the motivation to go on with the game itself. In Fist of the North, you don’t get the clarity of the storytelling, leaving you clueless of the real deal.

b. No multi-player feature

These days, fighting games should also cater to the multi-player craving of gamers from all over. Being able to interact with other players gives more fun and excitement to the actual game. It could be quite boring if you win in a game and no one knows about it.

c. No good help

In Fist of the North, you could get some help from your artificial intelligence alliances. But sadly, they are mostly useless and you get to bring down more enemies than they do.

d. Slow controls

The controls in this game make you very frustrated because of the sluggishness. It really affects the game momentum when this happens. This is supposed to be filled with quick moves. It is a fighting game, after all.

e. Poor voice acting

Fist of the North has story inserts that has dialogues. These are supposed to add more meat to the game but unfortunately, the voice acting or dubbing is not that expertly done. This dampens the overall mood of the storyline.


Fist of the North is definitely one of the fighting games that could go places if these aspects are improved. Surely Ken’s fans won’t be disappointed anymore once modifications are made for the next release.

The Best Ragdoll Games Ever!

March 15th, 2011

Do you know where to play the best ragdoll games ever? Well online of course; it’s the only place where you can go to play fun, easy and entertaining ragdoll games. Though many of them are so simple, they are fun to play and you’ll find yourself spending more time playing them than you thought you would. Have fun and enjoy the games that you read about in this article!

Free Ball 2

Keep the green ball in the air as long as you possibly can with the help of your ragdoll. Avoid the red ball which will appear when the green ball is in the air for 30 seconds.

Ragdoll Homicide

Make your own plans to kill your ragdoll.

Drop Dead 2

Kill Herbert the Ragdoll; use your imagination on how to do so. Damage him as much as possible.

Ragdoll Ricochet

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your ragdoll. Dodge the flying discs for as long as you can.

Double Wires

This game is fun and addicting. This is a ragdoll Spiderman who you need to control. Move as far as you can without going out of view of the screen.


Survive for as long as you possibly can. You need to protect the gold in the temple from the evil Horca’s clan. This is a great ragdoll game because it has great graphics. Use your bow and arrow to shoot and kill the enemy.

Downhill Snowboard 3

This is the sequel to the original version. Play the first and second game if you haven’t already! Perform some great ragdoll snowboarding tricks, and choose from various different characters to play.

Ragdoll Avalanche

This is a different version of the original avalanche game that was made. There is another improved version as well that you can play.

The History of Sonic The Hedgehog

June 15th, 2010

Sonic the hedgehog is one of the all time best games, it is on a very short list of one of the best games ever made. This platform game was introduced in the market around 1991 by video game making company Sega. It was developed for the Sega Genesis platform and it is a classic game. It has many fans whether old or young. This game became an instant hit and it made the gaming world come to a complete stand still and pay attention. It was very popular on the Sega gaming platform for the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis platforms. It was introduced to compete with Super Mario Bros of Nintendo who was Sega’s best competitor and rival. It was the very first game to be released by Sega on this platform and it became their all time best selling game. It became their flagship game and they went on to release different and better series and versions of the game. This amazing game was developed by the Sonic Team. It was released in 1991 in Japan, North America and Europe and it instantly caught the hearts of many game lovers.

The history of Sonic the Hedgehog is a very special one and this blue hedgehog has captured the minds and hearts of many people and it was created by the sonic team which comprised of Naoto Oshima, Hirokazu Yasuhara and Yuji Naka. It is a very popular game which has received cult status and it has sold well over 150 million copies to date. In 2005 the amazingly fast blue hedgehog was inducted into the Walk of Game joining other big and other very popular gaming characters such as Link and Mario. This of course was not surprising when you look at the history of Sonic the Hedgehog.

When this game was first introduced it came out with great and amazing features that had never been seen before and this is why it considered to be ranked amongst one of the best games of its time. It was a very simple and easy to play but at the same time it was very enticing and challenging. The game play was very revolutionary and it caught the attention of both serious gamers and causal gamers. Sonic had the ability to move very fast and he could curl into a ball to strike his enemies. Sonic was designed to become the new mascot for Sega and this video game character has lead to a number of other spin offs like comic books, cartoons and various other things.

Flash Games as an Educational Tool are Great for Kids

May 15th, 2010

Recent and on going studies have proven that games are a great tool for not only teaching kids new concepts but are also very good when it comes to reinforcing a concept. They learn through repetition and they learn to master certain skills and concepts through playing games. Games and more importantly flash games, are great, and flash games as an educational tool are ideal for all kids of all age’s not just toddlers and young ones. Flash games have so many different aspects and elements to them and this makes gaming both fun and educational. These flash games can help kids in so many different ways and flash games as an educational tool are great when it comes to teaching kids new things and it can help them grasp very important skills that they will need in their day to day lives.

Other good thing about flash games is that they can be tailor made and accustomed to suit the kid’s needs and his or her learning ability and level. So, different games and different gaming levels can be applied to different kids at different times and at different stages. These games can be similar but you can test different kids using the same game and help them to learn the same concept but in a different way and at a different degree. Flash games are fun to play and kids will never tire playing them. So not only will they be learning but at the same time they will be enjoying it, this way they will learn much faster and they will grasp important and crucial concepts quicker.

Flash games are a great interactive way of learning because it will help us identify areas that kids are not strong in and we can then help them improve in that area. We will be able to easily identify areas that kids struggle in and then come up with a very good and effective plan and way to assist the kids in that troublesome area. Flash games are a very good educational tool and device and research has proven that it is a very highly effective teaching and learning tool.

The Legacy of Sonic The Hedgehog

April 14th, 2010

The Legacy of Sonic the Hedgehog is a very good and long one.  The popularity of this very fast blue hedgehog has grown over the years. The Legacy of Sonic the Hedgehog makes very fun reading. This blued hedgehog single handily increased the popularity of Sega, Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive over night. It made Sega very popular in Japan, North America and Europe.  When Sonic was first released in the year 1991 it totally changed the gaming world and it changed the way people played games and it changed the way people viewed games. It went on to become Sega’s Flagship game and it became the game that was bundled or paired with the console and not Altered Beast.

One major thing that you can attribute to the Legacy of Sonic the Hedgehog is that it helped Sega beat Nintendo in terms of sales in both games and consoles. It was so popular that the Sega Genesis console out sold the Nintendo’s Super Nintendo. The ratio was almost 2 to 1. During the 1991 holiday season this game did very well and that is why it has reached cult status over the years. The popularity and success of this game led to Sega overtaking its bitter rival Nintendo in terms of console sales. Sega managed to greatly increase its market share in terms of console sales and this had never been done before.

One of the main reasons why this game went on to do so well and why it captured the hearts of so many game lovers and fans is because of its unique game play and the fact that it has many interesting and novel elements. The game incorporated the element of speed, loops, high speed deceives, rings, powering up, spring boards and various other interesting elements and game play. This game was so popular it helped promote and improve the popularity and take on 16 bit consoles. On IGN’s list of 2007 this game ranked number 63 on the greatest of all time list. This amazing character later went on to be inducted into the Walk of game in 2005 amongst other legendary characters like Link and Mario.